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With an increasing number in children dependent on State subsidized meals, Little’s Lunches has partnered with many local schools and nonprofits to bridge the gap for students who attend schools that do not offer lunch. This year, Little’s Lunches donated 1068 lunches to young children and 300 dinners to individuals and families in need. We are often contacted through local school directors, local foster agencies, and our nonprofit partners BCS Together, John’s Boys, and BCS UP seeking help with lunches for a child in need.

All proceeds donated are allocated directly to sponsor a child or family in need for temporary or extended support.

Getting involved


Offering a better way of eating for children and families is the foundation of Little’s Lunches and providing nutritional meals to help with food insecurity is a huge part of that.

– Owners, Jennifer and Glenn Huggins

Donation – School Lunches

The monthly lunch program allows preschool aged children to receive healthy lunches delivered Monday through Friday when lunch is not provided by the school. Lunches are created in a local chef lead kitchen, made with wholesome ingredients, and include a fruit or vegetable daily.

Donations can be made for a specific child, gifted from relatives, or openly donated for a child currently enrolled in the program needing assistance or on the waiting list. Open donations not child specific will receive confirmation of the gender and age of the child selected and donation receipts.

There are several food insecure children Little’s Lunches sponsors and many that are on the waiting list to begin receiving lunches. Each donation will allow long term or short term emergency assistance to a child needing help meeting their basic nutritional needs.